Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Take Me Farming, Barefoot in the Rain

Is it because I is red?
YES! you are so beautifully red.
Amaranth 'Red Army'.

This is a poly-culture. In here we have squash, sweetcorn and a climbing french bean called 'Cherokee Trail of Tears'. The idea is that the squash spread over the ground whilst the sweetcorn grow up strong and tall, and the beans climb up the sweetcorn.
We wait to see.

Today was hot and humid, and interspersed with bursts of rain. I started the day with hoodie and wellies, and by the end of it I was down to bra and rolled up trousers. The morning rain showers had ceased by the afternoon, and despite the deep grey menacing sky that threatened to dowse us at any time, they didn't return.
The soil felt warm and alive under foot.

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