Friday, 9 July 2010

Treasures fron the Lane

Again, my camera's failing to convey how beautiful this patch of abandoned land is. The ox eye daisy's in huge high drifts, the vibrant pink of a wild rose, and some beautiful tall purple flowers clinging to the pile of rubble.

Jack loves it in here and picks straggly bunches of daisy's for me.

And we've found treasure in the hedges, oh yes!

Much treasure.

You do have to look very carefully though.

Though tiny, these sun warmed wild strawberries taste so strawberrish that their size is irrelevant.

Obviously you can't pick hedgerow fruit without eating the vast majority of it then and there,

but there was so much that we were able to collect this pot full. This doesn't look much, but it was enough for us all to have them rolled up in pancakes after supper.

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