Sunday, 24 April 2011

Big Change For My Little Boy

I know it's Easter Sunday, and I really should be posting about our egg hunts and family visits, but something more important happened today. Something I wasn't at all prepared for, and something that I am still having to adjust to even as I sit here typing.

This morning produced a conversation which went like this:

Fred:  Daddy, my lego man is stuck in my hair,

Daddy:  Ok, I'll get it out. It's because your hair is too long Freddie,

Fred:  I want a haircut,

Daddy:  (To Mummy) Did you hear that darling?

Mummy:  Freddie, do you love your floffy hair, or do you want it cut?

Fred:  I want it cut

A lot of things happened quite quickly after that, and before I could think of a way out, or leave it a reasonably length of time so that he forgot all about it, we wound up in Auntie Ann's salon.

I know everyone else thinks I should have cut it ages ago, and I never intended to grow it long, but I just couldn't bear to cut off his beautiful curls.
No one else could really understand that as no one else had ever spent hours twirling his ringlets around their fingers as he breastfed.

But it was his hair, and so in the end it was his choice. To say I have shed a tear would be a lie, in truth I cried a lot, and have been doing so on and off for the last few hours!

So here he is, my big boy, my last baby, my last ringlets.
Doesn't he look so smart!


  1. Awwww at least he has a few ringlets left, and he does look lovely! xx

  2. So sad to see those gorgeous ringlets on the floor of the salon. But just look at that face! You can see it even clearer now :)


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