Wednesday, 13 January 2010


A friend of mine recently attended a Bill Bailey show in London ( where she now lives ) in which he 'big up'd' to a variety of 'Westcountry massive's'. When he 'big up'd' the Tiverton massive she was the only one that whooped but there had been whoops for a large number of other small westcountry towns from around the auditorium.

It occured to me that although all these people lived in London, they hailed from further afield. This is how we are like salmon! No, really!

Salmon spawn in little streams high up inland, the baby salmon grow in the safety of these little streams and rivers before making their way to the big ocean. Then, when they are ready to spawn they find their way back to the safety of the little streams in which they grew.

It's ok to be in the ocean as long as you can find your way back to the little streams when it's time to spawn.

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