Friday, 23 September 2011

Road Tripping Part 1

So, the summer....
Yes, I know that was ages ago, and I should have blogged this sooner, but we have been ever so busy with the start of a new term and the re-start of my classes.
In fact the only real reason that this post is so late is that my computer has decided that uploading photos to Blogger is just soooo last season and to get any pics on here is currently requiring the patience of a Saint and an evening entirely devoid of more important things to do.
And I have neither.

Ok, so road trip

First stop was Bristol, then on to stay with my beautiful sister and her Mum in Gloucestershire.
We took the boys to Bowood House, a large country estate with this brilliant adventure playground within its grounds.

And fairly typically, this is Jack in the safety nets! This drew quite a crowd, especially when Fin had to get in there to rescue him.

Fin doing his best to get Kirsty to be sick

We left Gloucestershire and headed over to my smashing mates new home in Epsom. This was last time I visited them.

So, are Epsom and Ewell Borough Council a) the most naive Council in the UK, or b) the only council in the UK with a sense of humour?
Please, if anyone knows of a better named shopping centre anywhere in the UK, do let me know.

Kite flying on Epsom Downs.

A good dose of tree hugging in Nonsuch Park

Is it the association with ice creams, or the having your photo taken that becomes unacceptable at the age of 12?

Using Epsom as a base we spent a soggy but fantastic day in London with the splendidly dressed Uncle Ben and friends. There is nothing quite like a damp 3 year old for ruining a perfectly good suit!!

We went to the Natural History Museum which was immense. Unfortunately being a wet day in the summer holidays, we were joined by most of London!

It was such a great place for the boys though, and so lovely to spend some time with Ben and his friends, having not seen him since Cornwall.

From here we moved on to Sussex, but that will have to wait until I feel a Saint-like dose of patience coming on!

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  1. Ah Bowood, memories of my childhood and skin burns from the death slide! Do they still do pick your own? Many sunny afternoons of strawberry heaven...


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