Sunday, 2 October 2011

Two Rivers Open Day

Two Rivers Steiner Inspired Kindergarten opened it's gates the weekend before last.
The days leading up to the big day were soggy to say the least, and there were still plenty of jobs that needed doing.
My time has had so many other demands on it of late that I have hardly stepped foot on site over the last few months. I was amazed and impressed by how much had been achieved since my last visit. To my friends who had been working there constantly the site was a visual list of unfinished jobs and unpurchased materials, but to my eyes it just looked beautiful.

We did have a few things that really needed finishing before the Open Day though, like the compost loo's for instance.

The entrance and porch, leading through to the yurt that is the main classroom.

The day itself was very well attended, with lots of people visiting who had had no previous involvement with the project. We sold tea and cakes, and had craft activities, and I was hair wrapping all afternoon.

The wood burner was lit, and the wind turned a little chillier in the afternoon so the yurt became the place to be.
I hair wrapped by the fire and listened to the gently bubbling conversation amongst the parents.

It was a lovely, unhurried, gentle day.The sort of a day that starts as one thing and then effortlessly flows into others.
I would have taken more photos, but there was a lot of tea to be served and people to talk to and hair to wrap. Next time.


  1. How exciting, shame I don't live in North Devon anymore!

  2. classic photo of frances down the toilet!


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