Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hurt Yurt

The gale force winds of last week claimed one very sorry looking victim on the Two Rivers site.
Our beautiful yurt, and the children's classroom, had its roof blown in by the huge gale. It was a very sad sight.

We raced the rain to untangle and untie all the ropes and straps that held the canvas in place, pack the whole thing down and get it somewhere safe and dry.

We rescued all the equipment and furniture, collapsed the yurt, and covered the base with tarpaulin.

The yurt is being stored until the worst of the weather has passed, and we have kindly been given the use of the barn at Tapeley Park to run the Kindergarten from for the next couple of months.

Incredibly the only actual damage was one of the central posts that support the wheel had been broken. The post was rushed off site and thanks to Grant of Ironshirt is now all fixed and awaiting a future yurt raising

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