Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Second Birthday

A whole two years since he arrived! I can't believe he's two already, but I can't imagine a time when we didn't know him.

He loved his ducks, as I knew he would. He also loved his enormous lizard mat/wall hanging that you can see the edge of in the photo above.

He searched in his fairy baskets with just a little assistance from an elder brother or two. He had a breakfast of hot 'bix', toast and jam and the little chocolate from his fairy basket, before packing sandwiches and heading off to Rosemoor to meet Frankie and the girls.

A perfect day of sand and trees and pine cones and sandwiches and carrot cake.
As we were walking into the vegetable garden Frankie stopped and checked the time. 'Happy Birthday Fred' she said, it was after midday!

And even a quick stop in the vegetable garden for a quick pull of the scarecrows nose... heaven!

And Spaghetti bolognaise for supper with a huge bowl of strawberries to follow. His perfect supper menu as devised by his big brothers.

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