Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Jacks Birthday... yes I know it's mid April and that was the end of January but I've been busy!

His birthday tree, which caused great excitement with the memories of Fins epic tree still fresh. Jack wasn't overly impressed with only having five fairy baskets, not eleven like Fin, but took great pleasure in nearly demolishing the tree in his haste to look inside them all.

I love how different they are. Fin took his time over his fairy presents. Spreading out opening them over two days, so that the last basket wasn't emptied until the following evening. Whereas Jack nearly ripped them from their branches and had them all emptied within five minutes of clapping eyes on them!

Oliver and Luke came back after school for a birthday tea, and Jack got his requested chocolate malteaser cake.

A Big Change

So, here is the before..... as it has been all his life....

And here is the after.... Serious big boy stuff.

He actually took to his big bed with almost no noticable fuss. I suppose one of the advantages of 'side car'ing him is that he was already used to being free to clamber in and out and having the big bed there.

A New School....

At the beginning of March the little boys went to school together for the first time. It was Fin's first time in his new school, and Jack's first time in 'big' school. It was so lovely that they could share this new start with each other. They looked out for each other, they played together, and even sat together at lunch.
It didn't last of course, but it was lovely for a little while!

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