Friday, 11 June 2010

A Bit Distracted

Well, I seem to have been a bit distracted this week. Nothing huge or momentous, I have just been focusing intently on a couple of projects.

Frankie and I, with the help of the Bluebell parents, are holding an 'Afternoon Tea with Compassion' in aid of Compassion in World Farming. The preparation involved is predictably huge, although it is also enjoyable, so I have been very busy making posters, writing press releases and canvassing for help. I even did the pictures on the poster my self! I know they look like I got Jack to do them but I was still quite pleased that they were identifiable!

Simon has been having a trying week at work which has meant spending a little more time than usual making sure I've got him covered.  It has also meant a bit of a no crafting zone being imposed in the evening, well, a 'no sewing machine so I can actually hear what I'm trying to watch' zone anyway!
I have had an other sling project on the go as well (pictures to follow), this time as a birthday present for my good Friend Sneji, so the evening watershed has been inconvenient to say the least.
As a result (her birthday is today!) I have been sewing in fits and spurts during the day. As anyone who has ever tried to complete a sewing project with a sewing machine next to the family table, in the family play space (for now), with the whole family awake will understand, it takes commitment and patience previously only exhibited by those who have taken holy orders.

I am also preparing myself for re-starting my evening classes next week, so my available extra thinking time has been fairly taken up by that.

In a week or two things will settle down again and I won't be so occupied.

I love how many times a year I say that! Been saying it for at least the last 6 and it hasn't happened yet! You've got to love the chaos!

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