Wednesday, 2 June 2010

France - My 'Official French Birthday'

As we were actually flying back the day before my birthday, it was decided that I should have a birthday day in France. The day started in the best way possible, we went to a market. it wasn't a huge or brilliant market, but that was just right or we might have spent too long there, and there were other things to do.

Like go to Limeuil and play in the Vezere

And then go to 'Le Chai' for the best pizza ever followed by one of their delicious sorbets.

I had a salmon and aubergine pizza and, after wrestling with the choices for an almost impolite length of time, finally settled on one 'boule' of dark chocolate, and one 'boule' of cassis sorbet.

We then took the huge bag of stale bread that the lovely lady in the restaurant had given us, and went back down to the river bank to torment the ducks and holler at the canoeists some more.

We went home late, soaked, full and happy. It was a beautiful and brilliant birthday day. We finished it off with a few 'white ladies', a bit of barbecue and a chocolate cake with strawberries.

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