Sunday, 22 August 2010

Other People's Junk

I find it hard to understand
the plethora of second hand.
It seems to me the only reason
is 'making do' is SO last season.
Why care, or mend or just make do
when you can opt for something new?
Why have just the things you need
when your budget quite supports your greed?

This cardigan, perhaps this top,
looked more in fashion in the shop?

This little top all lacy white?
Perhaps the cut was not quite right?

But this? This dress? How could it be?
that someone thought it 'not quite me'.

But I don't mind the spoils of waste
they suit my budget and my taste
And so I  love the old 'car boot'
where one man's junk is another's loot


  1. you are clever with your words! i love thrifting! that yellow dress is too cute. ;)

  2. i love other people's junk! what a great poem too...
    o by the way, i didnt take the photos at the top of my came with the template, but i do love them too. i want to have a little cabin in the woods someday...
    love the title of your blog, i have two boys also :)


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