Sunday, 8 August 2010

Pig's in the Woods

I have some very wonderful and interesting friends who have an amazing sustainable farm project near us. Quiet Waters Farm is in its early stages, but is going to incorporate a 'share harvest' which we are involved with. It's all very exciting!
We went over to play with their abundant children on Friday, and became embroiled in a full scale pig round up. Their most secure paddock, also known as Colditz, was breached by 18, yes, 18 brazen adult pigs. We spent a long time, and to be fair I have no real idea how long we were at it, rounding them up.

Quiet Waters is not the sort of farm where you find straight lines and fences, and acres of open ground. This was jungle warfare and it was man against pig through hedges and brambles and woods and quagmire. I hitched my long skirt up, tucked it into my knickers, stole my friends spare wellies, and gave chase!

I wish I had photos, I so genuinely do, but there was no time for that sort of thing! With the younger children watching from the barn, and the older lads assisting in the round up, we managed to get all 18 back into Colditz, now known as Ford Open Prison!

My legs were scratched and scraped and I was covered in mud and brambles. I looked like some sort of demented woman of the woods, but I do so love a good pig round up. 

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