Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Fall Out

Ok, confessions first.

My blogging is sparse at the moment, I know. And I really don't like to visit here in such a patchy disjointed way, but we are having some serious technical issues. Our old faithful laptop decided to lose all its memory, and become seemingly unable to store anything about a month or so ago. This meant that I not only have no way of accessing all my stored photos and info, but  I also have no way of putting photos on to the computer to add to the blog. This has posed a big problem as I strongly object to posting without pictures. And I have a whole memory cards worth of stuff to share with you, just as soon as I can get our old old pc back up and running again.

Ok, explanations over.

Spending a whole weekend painting the house and neglecting the children has taken it's toll on our usually fairly energetic and physical boys. It has seriously tipped them over the edge!

I have been on damage control all week. They basically did nothing but watch tv and fight for nearly 3 consecutive days and now they have forgotten how to calm down. This ties in interestingly with a post about children's exposure to the media on Bending Birches. I can't believe what 3 days over over exposure has done.

Fin and Fred are similar in that they are both very physical, testosterone laden boys who love lots of loud noises and roaring about the place, and they have both been volatile and aggressive since the weekend. Jack is sensitive and easily overloaded and has basically fallen to pieces, particularly with the increased noise and fury levels at home.

I could feel myself running out of strength for the fight earlier. I could feel all the resolve slipping away and that inevitable, end of the rope, wild eyed and shouty Mummy moment edging ever nearer. So instead I decided to have a Time Out. Not for them, for me.

I wrote a note that said 'Dear Boys, There is so much noise and rumpus in the house that there isn't enough sound left for me to keep on talking, so I have decided to be quiet and not say a word for the next half an hour, and there is so much charging around and running about that there isn't enough movement left for me so I have decided to sit still for the next half an hour. You can come and sit still and quietly with me if you like, but please don't use up any more of the sound or movement around me, or it might take even longer for me to start talking and moving again. Lots of love, Mummy'.

Then I went and sat very still and quiet on the floor, and just observed my breathing.

It took a while, nearly the originally allotted half an hour. At first they just shouted at me, then Jack read the note (useful thing, a six year old that can read like a 9 year old!!), then they tried to hassle me and keep on with the shouting, but eventually they all came and sat quietly. Fred on me, Jack reading on the sofa, and Fin taking the opportunity to go and play his guitar in his room.

It really felt like the calm after the storm. If we are going to get through this renovation, I am going to have to come up with a better plan than tv and biscuits.


  1. Excellent! With my girls I say: "Let's play royal house, I'll be king-daddy who is sleeping and you girls can be the princesses that are being really quiet so the King doesn't wake up." ... not sure if that'd work so well with boys :-D

  2. I love how you dealt with this...
    the only thing my brothers and I fought about growing up was TV and our one gameboy system. We became so nasty to each other.
    TV can be an easy diversion...but in my opinion, anything that is "too easy" always has consequences...maybe not dire consequences, but still...consequences.
    Like I said, I love the way you handled this...I wish my own mom could read this!
    ps- what is this about a steiner school??? are you starting a school? a charter? so awesome, whatever the venture!!


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