Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The First Beaching of the Year

Have you ever seen bullocks released out into the fields for the first time in the spring? Sunday was a similar experience. We made our first beach visit of the year.

It was blissful. Like drawing a big lungful of air after holding your breath for an age.

It might look sunny and glorious but it was still very cold. The boys and I agreed on the walk down that it was still too cold to go in the sea, but that a few rock pools would be fine. That didn't last.
They stayed out of the sea for almost the exact length of time it took them to lose all unnecessary layers of clothing and run at full tilt to the waters edge.

We weren't there long. They all got soaked and cold and hungry, so we walked barefooted back up the hill as it started to rain. I love the first barefooting of the year, with feet so tender and soft from a winter of socks and boots.
Definitely a hot cross bun day. Too cold for ice creams and too short an outing for full blown doughnut action.

I have been absent for a while I know, and I have so very very much to post about and I will, all in good time. But for now, maybe a little clue from our beach day as to what we have been so busy doing....

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  1. Love your blog! Good to see you back in action!


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