Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bored of Supper

Once upon a time, when Simon still worked as a self employed dry-liner carpenter and finished at 4ish on a Friday, and we lived in our old rented house that required less attention, we used to have a feast for supper on Fridays. I would take great delight in cooking something lovely and making pudding, and we would all sit down and welcome the weekend.

That feels like a long time ago, and recently I have got sick of having to provide economical and filling suppers, served at different times for early eaters and late workers, and covering everyones dietary needs and preferences.

Faced with supper yesterday, and realising that I had almost run out of normal ingredients and had no way of getting any more, I decided to attempt a Friday feast. I knew Simon was coming home early (for him) and would probably make it back by 6 so I knew we were in with a chance of all eating together.

So I baked!

During the afternoon I made;
Bread rolls,
oaty biscuits,
supper onion pie (gluten free),
sweet potato, red onion and stilton tart,
sticky ribs,
rice, carrots and broccoli,
lemon polenta cake (gluten free) 
and chocolate swamp pudding (gluten free).

It was definitely the right thing to do.

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