Thursday, 27 January 2011


It is satisfying to have such a well stocked chest of dressing up supplies that a forgotten about 'come as a fairy tale character' day can be easily accommodated. He wanted to be a pirate, so a pirate he was. I don't mean to brag but a prince, knight, elf, Robin Hood, wizard etc etc would have posed no problem either.

The only shop bought item was, fairly obviously I think, the pirate hat. Everything else had been made or commandeered for the purpose. The grey waistcoat was actually Finley's 'Great Escape' costume. Made for him from a cardi by a good friend when he was just 4 and it was his favourite film.

And it is very satisfying when you spot that a bag, made for a very good friend for Christmas, has become her 'bag'.
That's warm all over glowing satisfaction, that is.


  1. Was it really 'come as a fairy tale character'? I was told it was 'come a medieval person day'. But I was pretty proud of myself for remembering that there having the medieval feast so I wasn't suppose to do a packed lunch....

  2. I think it was open to interpretation. I saw a devil and a robot so I think you could have gotten away with just about anything.
    I was flabbergasted to have remembered not only the costume, but also the dinner money. This is a first for me.


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