Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bringing Down the House ( well bits of the wall anyway)

The house...ah the house.

Well we have damp. Rising, penetrating and just plain old condensing. We have paint for the outside which will help with the penetrating if only the weather would warm up a smidge so I could get it on. And now I have paint for the worst affected rooms inside. I just have to get the skanky, mouldy wall paper off first.

We started in the bathroom where the paper was so damp it could be mostly pulled off by hand. I borrowed a wall paper steamer from a friend and collected it from her Ma's where it had been stored in the shed. Unfortunately what I got in the bag was the water tank and an electric planer! So I had to give up on the steaming for the day.

As the wall paper came off, so did a few other things, and it became rapidly obvious that this wasn't going to be a quick paint job.

So back to town for the steamer parts and a quick stop off to collect massive amounts of poly-filler

I wonder how many more times I am going to be naive enough to think a job will be straight forward before I learn that nothing in this old unloved house is going to be a quick fix.

Thank goodness for that! I think I may have to bring my rough plastering lessons forward a little though.

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