Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Amateur Archeology

When we first moved in the back yard was littered with earth, leaves, bricks, stones and bits of plaster, along with other unidentifiable objects. Most of it was swept up and disposed of, but some of the larger lumps got piled up in a corner. Jack was watering the tree's, which are all in pots, when he discovered a piece of broken pottery in amongst the rubbish.

He got a mixing bowl and filled it with soapy water, then spent oven an hour careful cleaning his 'ancient treasure'. He even changed the water half way through 'just to make sure it's really clean mummy'!
He was so proud of his piece of broken old pottery, and so concerned that someone might try to steal his then 'valuable ancient treasure' that he has hidden it somewhere ' safe and secret'. I did ask where that was but apparently it's in the 'White Knights castle where they keep their wonderful ideas'!

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