Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Good Drying Day

I shall hang clothes pegs from my ears in matching shades,
I shall drape a lemon yellow cotton fitted bed sheet (single size of course) around my shoulders like a toga,
And I shall perform a joyous waltz with my rotary airer,
In celebration of this day, this perfect day.

Oh you sun, you perfect sun. My heart reaches up to you and my trousers rise up to face your warmth.
Oh you breeze, you splendid breeze. You tug gently at my knickers without ever threatening to rip them off and toss them over the garden wall.

I shall wear these tools of my trade, they shall know me by my pegs,
And I shall cackle, and whip my washing machine into a frenzy,
Until it's drive belt whines and it's drum aches.

And at night I shall carry a pile of laundry up to bed with me, and feel it still warm and dancing gently against my arms.


  1. Bravo! this is so beautiful and it flows like the laundry whipping in the wind.

    My hubs thinks us blogging women are so silly taking pics of laundry on the line; he just doesn't see the beauty. Poor guy!

    Adding your link to the outdoor challenge, thanks for joining.

  2. Thank you Lisa,
    I too have a similarly afflicted husband. Can't find excitement in the ordinary things!

    My boys are already planning what to do for the challenge, which is daft as they are always outside! I believe it will involve mud, it usually does!

  3. God Josie I write so much about laundry on my blog it's silly..nothing like poetry to lift it from drudgery though..lovely!

  4. Ahhh even my husband loves a good drying day. This week my mom washed all the baby's new things before use and took great glee in taking a photo of it all dancing in the breeze. In the 'merica of course my rellies can't hang out laundry as it's deemed a public nuisance ... Another reason we can never live there x


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