Friday, 7 May 2010

Election results.

Well, the chaos continues.

I switched on the telly this morning to find that the Liberals had won a surprisingly small number of seats. Checking the results on line I found that despite the fact that the Liberals had something like 49 seats to labours 229, they had 21% of the vote in comparison to Labours 28%.
The Conservatives have got the larger portion of the vote, but not by much. I think they only have about 32%. And no party has a majority so it looks as though the Liberals will be wooed by both leading parties to do a deal, so at least it seems as though the Liberals will be involved in Government one way or another, which I suppose is a victory of sorts.
It just doesn't feel very victorious.

I drove through a very wealthy area of Mid Devon today, and noticed how the posters and placards were all Tory, then heading into another area with fewer gated drives and triple garages I noticed how the placards changed to Liberal, Green, and even a few Labour.
I suppose when your life involves people with similar needs and wants and values, your overall picture is distorted. Basically I forgot about what the Tories mean to those who vote for them.
And I can't help feeling sad and somehow let down by my fellow country men.

I remember watching the celebrations in America when Obama got in. I remember seeing it and really feeling the anticipation and excitement. And I so wanted to feel that here. Last night I could just imagine a Liberal Government being announced, and I could see us going in to Barnstaple, or driving to Exeter, and partying in the streets, because there would have been street party's and celebrations. It would have been joyous.

But it was not to be.....this time.

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