Monday, 17 May 2010

A Birthday in the Woods

Our friends little girl Lily was turning 5, and where better to have a 5 year old's faerie party than in the woods. It was, to be fair, a bit on the damp side, so Fin was sent up the trees to help string up the tarpaulin. He got to climb tree's and practice knots so he was pleased.

We also used the chiminea instead of the fire pit which helped in the damp. It also boiled a cauldron of water for tea far faster than on an open fire.

Lily had three of her faerie friends, plus one elf (Jack) to play with, along with a host of smaller ones, and Fin. Although we did spend some time under the tarp, waterproofs and wellies and occasional sunny intervals meant plenty of playing and tree climbing and swinging and fun could still be had. Especially when the boys discovered the steady stream of water coming off the lower end of the tarp!

Lily, shunning the traditional demanding 5year old girl at her own party mould, was the perfect hostess. She excitedly greeted everyone, showed her friends around the woods and spent over an hour sat near the chimenea carefully painting faces.

She woaded Fred up ready for battle!

The face paint is an all natural brand available from Myriad, which is fab, but oil based and slightly trickier to remove than more common children's face paints. I did have them both in the bath that evening and soaped their faces as best as I could without causing them psychological scarring, but jack did still have to go to school on Monday with blue eyebrows!

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