Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Beautiful Belfire

Our friends Jo and Louis were having a Beltaine bonfire and gathering, so the May crowns were made...

Fred's was made last Thursday at Bluebells, but the flowers didn't last. More due to Fred's exuberance than wilting!
We made the rest on the day, although I have had a very bad back so the planned foraging trip for prime crown making materials didn't happen, and we had to content ourselves with ivy from the wall and dandelions from the field when we got there!

Fin and Rio, under Jo's careful instruction, underwent further tests of manhood, involving carrying heavy things and tending the fire.
 Whilst the little boys played they swelled with responsibility and seemed far older than their 11 and 8 years.


The Belfire was jumped for prosperity and fertility, although I was having trouble walking, let alone jumping, so I couldn't participate.


It was a beautiful May evening, a comfortable effortless warming May evening shared with friend we knew and friends we met. A perfect welcome to Summer.

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