Monday, 18 April 2011

Recent Stitches and Fred-Style

There have been a few projects being finished recently, and as usual rather more being started. I still haven't finished several gift projects that are way overdue, but I did manage to make this dress for my friends little girls second birthday.

The fabric is called 'Summer's Basket of Flowers' by Moda. I bought it to make a dress for her first Birthday, but by then she had been handed down a dress I made for another friends daughter, so I decided to wait until she was a bit bigger. 
The pattern is basically the 'flowergirl dress' pattern in Heather Bailey's Weekend Sewing, just mucked about a bit with.

I am yet to deliver it, but will attempt a photo once it is on it's intended recipient. Fred did want to have his photo taken wearing it, as I used him as a rough dummy, but his brothers strongly protested.

The other recently completed projects were Fred's Birthday trousers which I posted pics of here.
We get through trousers in our house, what with mud and paint and the occasional potty training accident they are in great demand.

Fred got a pair of pirate trousers to match Jack's, and these lovely soft green cotton ticking ones. I love ticking for the boys trousers. It is just so soft yet hard wearing.

The pattern was again from Weekend Sewing, and was a roughly enoughly version of the Huck Fin Pants, although they didn't go up large enough so I upsized them considerably and added a lot of length as the originals were more like long shorts. As I've said before, if I am going to make something, especially for the smallest one, I'm going to make it big enough to last a while.

The tank top was a birthday gift from the friends who's little girl the dress above is for. He LOVES it. We are washing and wearing it, and he keeps fishing it off the clothes horse and changing into it.

This is Birthday outfit, Fred-style!

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