Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Just A Little Flood

The day hadn't gone well. Firstly, the book I am waiting for still didn't arrive. I'm sure it will be here tomorrow, but I was sure it would get here this morning as well.
The craft papers I ordered may or may not be here in time for making our Easter bits and pieces as planned, as I had bought what we needed on e-bay, but neglected to actually pay for them at the time!

We went up to our friend woods this morning to put up a 5 meter bell tent I had been given by other friends. I have wanted a bell tent, specifically this exact bell tent, for at least 7 years now, so I was fairly excited at the prospect of getting it up and using it. They gave it to me as it had been sitting in the corner of a shed in a sad heap for an age,and it was doing it no good.

Unfortunately it had done it slightly more 'no good' than was originally thought, and large areas of the canvas had started to rot.
It was gutting as it looked so beautiful once it was up, even green and grubby.

The day didn't get much better until we were driving back from Bideford after dropping Fin off with his friend for the night. We had noticed the tide seemed quite high in the estuary, but as we drove along the Torridge valley we found this!

I know that it isn't entirely healthy to love floods so much but I just can't help it. I know I have said it here but the sight of a flooded river valley, or even better a flooded football pitch, really does lift my spirits.

The picture above is someones garden, and they were watching the river from their porch across the road. I stopped and asked if this was unusually high. The man smiled and said in broad Devon "no, no, does get higher, thank goodness. Tis' bootiful".

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  1. Bugger about the tent ... salvageable you reckon?

    On a brighter side, some chocolate molds arrived today, so if you fancy some some egg-making ....


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