Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Three Times Around The Sun

He had only a few requests really, and they were for lolly pops and a close encounter with a pony.

Luckily he has never had a lolly pop, and won't as long as I'm in charge, so making oaty biscuits and stuffing them on lolly sticks was perfect in his eyes.

As for the pony thang, that was slightly more problematic as I am allergic to horses, so the encounter had to be brief and ideally, away from stables.

We went, with friends, to the 'Big Sheep' park, and he rode and bounced, and played, and stroked lambs, and walked one lap of a school on a pony, and ate biscuit lollies, and watched his older brothers and friends try climbing and mountain boarding, and hunted for tiny foiled chocolate eggs, and played at being a jedi to an unsuspecting family having lunch in the picnic area, and had chips and carrot cake for supper, and a new story book for bed time.

And apparently now, he's six!

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