Friday, 15 April 2011

The View From Here

This is my view.

Firstly, let me say that I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have our house. It is and will be a fantastic house in a beautiful village, and for that I am really grateful.
But we don't have a garden, just a small courtyard, so to let off steam we go around the corner to the village park.

And I plonk myself on the grass with my knitting and my tea (yes, my tea, carried carefully around the corner in my largest mug) and from there, this is my view.

There are swings, and a climbing frame with slide and firemans pole, and a pitch with football goals and a rugby bar, and a basketball hoop.

But when someone calls "please come and push me on the swing" or "can you come and be in goal" I'm never quite so eager to jump up as when they call "can you come and hunt for wolves with me in the forest" or "we need you in the faerie wood for a tea party". 

Yup, this is my favourite bit, and my prefered view.

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