Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Early To Rise

Sometimes Fred gets up very very early, and sometimes that is no bad thing. Especially if it happens to be a weekend when everyone else is sleeping and it's a beautiful morning outside.

The mist in the Torridge valley was spectacular. My camera couldn't catch it, but looking over towards the moor was like looking out over a sea dotted with tiny islands.

The field at the top is the one I am trying to persuade the owners to let out as allotments.

Fred was various things on our walk, but mostly a pirate. He was wearing his pirate trousers after all.
 He declared that we were on a pirate island, and that we had to go down to the water, by which he meant the mist. We did walk down into the valley a little way, but the mist was freezing, so he quickly changed his mind.
Clearly a fair weather pirate.

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