Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Easy Bunting- for Victoria

                                                                           picture by Jack!
We recently made bunting as a present for two little girls. It was truly easy peasy and I really loved the fabric we used to make the ones shown above.

This is the finished bunting for Honey. I love the colours of this one!

And this is Phoebe's, although you can't see the lettering so clearly here.

The fabric I used for Honeys came from a market near my Mums place in France, and I phoned her and asked her to pick me up some more if there was any left. This she did the following morning, then made her way to Victoria's jewelry stall. Victoria is getting married later year and was sat at her stall making bunting for her wedding.
End result- I get a phone call from my Mum on Victoria's phone from in the middle of a market in the Dordogne asking me if I can tell Victoria how I make my bunting.
So this, Victoria, is for you!

Easy Bunting-
You will need, quantities dependant on how much you want to make of course,
Fabric, cut into 9 inch wide ( or however long you want your flags to end up) strips,
Bias binding, long enough to accommodate all the flags plus enough to be able to tie it up at each end.
Thread to match the binding, if you're worried about the little details!
you will also need pinking shears.

Very faint chicken scratch diagram explained-

Step 1- measure 8 inch (or however wide you want your flags to be)intervals along the top of your fabric, stagger along the bottom by measuring in 4 inches first, then 8 inch intervals. Using your pinking shears, cut between the mark to create your flags.

Step 2- Lay the bunting, right side up, along the inside edge of your bias binding and pin in place. Sew along the top of the bunting to join the flags to the binding.

Step 3- Fold the top of your bias tape over and pin in place. It helps to iron it flat at this point. Sew along the front of the bias binding, right side of flags to finish. don't forget to sew all the way along the tape to finish the ties at each end. The back of the bunting will have 2 lines of stitching at the top, while the front will just have one.

It is possible to run step 1 and 2 together by folding the bias tape in half and ironing before hand, then placing the flags in and pinning in place. You would just have to be more careful, and it can be tricky to keep the flags in place as well.  

Happy bunting!

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