Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Generation Game - Saving Toads

My Granny lives near the Grand Western Canal in Tiverton. We walk up there frequently when we visit her, and her and my Grandpa walk along it almost daily. Whilst my Mum was staying, and a few hours before they were due to come up to our house, they went for a walk together up to the canal.

My Mum said she had thought the little things all over the tow path were spiders at first, but as they got nearer she realised they were tiny tiny toads. There were thousands of them, all leaving the canal and making there way over the tow path and into the fields and hedges.

Lots of them had been trodden on by walkers and dogs and the horses that pull the barges, so my Mum and my Granny decided to save a few and relocate them to North Devon!

They walked back to my Granny's house and found one of her numerous and diverse pieces of Tupperware, one with ventilation holes in the lid!, and went back to the toad procession and carefully picked up five little toads.

We are a bit of a toad loving family here. My Mum's potty about them, and my brother and I have always been fascinated by them, and I'm pleased to see that my boys seem to have the same reptilian love!

We took them out of the village and down a footpath to where a tiny trickle meets a slightly bigger stream. Its damp and stony and perfect for toad resettlement.

I'm sure they will be very happy there.

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