Monday, 12 July 2010

The Generation Game - Rosemoor

There are some things in my life that I am immensely grateful for, some things that I am lucky enough to have that I know few people have, and one of those things is my Grandparents, my children's Great Grandparents.

And this past week we have been lucky enough to have four generations of my family here, and have been out and about loving summer and feeling blessed. We have been to Rosemoor to see the William Morris exhibition (photographs not allowed). Rosemoor being one of the other things I am lucky enough to have, just down the road.

My Mum came over from France for a week, and drove my Granny up from Tiverton several times during her stay.

I cannot tell you how much I love these women, or how much they both mean to me, or how wonderful it was to have them both all to myself for a few days.

Well, when I say all to myself I did have to share with the children. To be honest really Fred had my Granny all to himself and I had to share!

She does love children, my Granny.

Having my Mum around for a whole week was like all Christmases come at once. I don't think there is another person on Earth who I would rather spend time with. And I don't think that's sad either! She's cool, my Mum!

Rosemoor was in full bloom and typically beautiful. We had a lovely afternoon of rose smelling and Fred chasing. If only every week could be like this.

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