Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Our First Sports Day at Beaford

It was a beautifully sunny, English summer timey, strawberries and creamish sort of an afternoon.

Jack was beyond excited, and not at all phased by the competition.

Fin on the other hand was clearly too old and cool for a primary school sports day, and played it very laid back!

The main sports day competition is between the 'family groups' which are made up of children from all years. The family groups move between different activities, seeing how many points they can score in the allotted time. The points are totted up afterwards and the winning group is announced.

Unfortunately I have no idea which family group won. I know ours didn't, but by that time I had found interesting people. We had all gravitated towards each other. All of them I had met briefly before, in other places and for different reasons, but now we all seemed to circle round until we found ourselves together, seeking the shade of the willow.
And there we talked about Steiner schools and serendipity and summers in the woods and gatherings with paella, and I felt at home.

Fin has just read this over my shoulder and informed me that our family group came 2nd, and that he came 2nd in the throwing competition and 3rd in the flat race! I was vaguely aware of his own personal achievements, but the group position did come as a shock!
Note to self: boys are competitive, pay attention!

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