Saturday, 10 July 2010

Just a Few Pots, Honest

When we were in the process of moving to our house I swore faithfully that I understood that the back yard was for cutting and sawing and storing, and definitely not for pots and planters.

But I lied, well not so much lied as found the situation to be different once we got there, and therefore had to change my standing on the situation.

The problem is that I am used to having a garden and having somewhere to go outside. We have almost no outside space here and having the little that we did have look like Steptoe's yard was starting to really take its toll on me. So I got my pots back from the woods and filled them very economically with cuttings and gifts and the odd  purchase from the school fete.

And now the back yard is a nice place to play, or hang the washing out, or just visit as an alternative to being inside for a moment or two.
Almost all the stuff that was out there is still out there, it's just organised a bit better and stacked in around the corner, mostly out of sight.
Just don't look around the corner!

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  1. I love the picture of your beautiful basket of flowers hanging. Everyone needs to see a bit of flowers smiling back at them especially while hanging laundry.


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